Process Serving

Why choose G-Force to perform these services?  G-Force has extensive contacts in the law enforcement community and also utilize data bases that assist us in locating those people who don't want to be found.   

We are committed to providing the highest quality of professional process servers because that's what you expect and deserve, and that's what we expect of ourselves. Here you will find information on service of legal documents also known as process service, as conducted by professional registered process servers. Whether you require legal service of a civil claim action, subpoena service, application and order to produce statement of assets and to appear for examination or any other legal document service, we are here to assist you. Our normal coverage area consists of Adams, York, Franklin, and Cumberland Counties, however, we will consider other assignments.


                                                                            PROCESS SERVING RATES FOR

                                                   HANOVER (Adams County) addresses AND ADAMS COUNTIES

75.00-This is for service per individual at the addresses you provide. Includes 3 documented attempts at service and written verification when service is completed.

$100.00-This is for service at a location other than that provided by the client or for a "Rush" Service. We will research information that will locate the individual through various data bases that we contract with.

                                                     CUMBERLAND,  YORK,  AND FRANKLIN COUNTIES

$100.00-This is for service per individual at the address provided by the client. Includes three documented attempts at service and written verification when service is completed.

All information provided such as employers, make and model of vehicles driven, phone numbers, etc. make our job easier and the process service moves faster. 

All services that are 15+ pages and sent electronically for Service will have an additional fee assessed.

Bob served with the Pa. State Police for over 25 years each and served in Adams, Franklin, Cumberland, York, and Dauphin counties while doing so. We strive to produce an effort you will be pleased with!





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